Vitality and Ageing

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About Vitaly and Aging

Would you like to play a role in the health management of an ageing population? Increasing your knowledge of the bi ological, individual and population health aspects of vitality and ageing will form the ideal preparation to play a key role in improving the future of our ageing society!

There's more to growing old gracefully than staying as healthy as you can for as long as you can. For example, maintaining independence and continued participation in social activities are equally as important. As a student you will be working in a fast - paced interdisciplinary environment alongside top international experts as well as, students from various bachelor's and nationalities and older adults. Our internationally oriented master's programme will equip you with scientific insights on ageing, extensive training in transfer able academic skills and career orientation!

The programme is offered by Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and Leiden University. The LUMC is a modern academic hospital in which research, education and patient care are combined with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation. Since years, the LUMC has a strong track record in Vitality and Ageing.

Curriculum and Overview

The master's aims to prepare our students for a career in the diverse and complex challenges of the growing ageing population. Therefore our programme incorporates an international, intergenerational and interdisciplinary focus in each of the courses.

The academic year consists of 5 courses and 3 educational lines with a combination of interactive lectures, discussion groups, self - study assignments, personal development, tutor group sessions and is finalised with a master thesis. The following information is a short summary per course.

Future perspectives (3 EC)

  • An introduction in the field of vitality and ageing from different perspectives.

Biology of vitality and ageing (10 EC)

  • Attention is paid to biological aspects of vitality and healthy ageing including repair mechanisms, nutrition, longevity and main¬tenance of bodily functions during ageing.

The older individual (10 EC)

  • You gain understanding about perspectives of older people on health and ageing. You gain an in - depth understanding of diseases and limitations with focus on risk and resilience factors that determine vitality, functioning and well - being.

Organisation of the ageing society (10 EC)

  • The organisation of our ageing society needs innovation. You'll understand the reasons and need for change.

Science and Career (Master thesis) (12 EC)

  • In this internship you'll perform a research project in the field of Vitality and Ageing.

3 Educational lines (15 EC)

  • Skills in communication in science, Academic Development, and Research and Evidence.

For detailed information on the courses and curricula, see the e-Prospectus:

Job and Career prospects

This international master combines biological, individual and societal aspects of vitality and ageing. In combination with the broad academic development program, communication and research, this master is an excellent step in various careers in the field of Vitality and Ageing, including:

  • Scientific career 
  • Organisation career 
  • Medical career

The following career opportunities are open to alumni of the master's programme:

  • Specialist and/or non - specialist medical training (for example, general medical practice and internal medicine)
  • A further management training programme
  • An academic research programme leading to a PhD
  • A position as doctor in geriatric medicine

Do you want to apply for this programme at Leiden University? Find out how to apply by following the step-by step guide:

About Leiden University

Are you curious, critic al and involved in the world around you? At Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands, you can make a valuable contribution to tackling the various national and international challenges facing modern society. Together with academics and fellow students from all over the world, you will actively address these challenges. We keep an open mind, do not shy away from difficult discussions and allow one another the space to disagree. We expect the same active, open - minded and critical attitude from you.

We challenge you to look beyond your own boundaries. Leiden University welcomes anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. Our modest community size in the historical cities of Leiden and The Hague creates a highly personal and committed atmosphere. Together, we map out a learning path that suits you and your ambitions. You will also be encouraged to conduct research in cooperation with eminent and enthusiastic scholars. The knowledge and skills you develop here will benefit you for the rest of your life, regardless of the career path you choose!

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